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Master course in Italian cuisine, patisserie and oenology – 180 days.

Basic course in Italian cuisine and oenology – 90 days.

School of Culinary Arts Stile Italiano


Italian cuisine is a rich cuisine,  healthy and varied. Represents all the qualities of Italy from the seas of Sicily to the mountains of Piedmont.

True culinary arts training can be obtained only in Italy in a culinary arts school in direct contact with Italian culture and Italian products that give life to the Mediterranean diet

The best training is then obtained by in a culinary arts school of Stilr Italiano suitable infrastructure, educational programs and highly qualified teaching staff. A good culinary arts school Italian Stile also need experience and work in famous Italian restaurants.

In addition to the professional institutes in the state for hotel services and restaurants to basic training, some prestigious private institutes of higher education are active and can give a true preparation of excellence.


Culinary arts school in italy - Stile Italiano

nuestra escuela de artes culinariasIf you reached this page by typing culinary arts school of Stile Italiano in a search engine, in fact, have come to the right place! Italian Cusine High School is a school of culinary arts for the training of chefs and cooking enthusiasts who want to train and specialize in Italian cuisine in Italy.

The real training in Italian cuisine is available only in Italy in a culinary arts school in direct contact with Italian culture and products that give life to the Mediterranean diet. Our culinary arts school preparation may be of general type with short courses and master, either in special classes that' squeeze the most current recipes and Italian cooking skills today in all its forms: from the kitchen to the bakery and pastry to the art of presentation.

If you look for a Culinary arts school in italy, you canstart by visiting the page dedicated to our list ofprofessional cooking school, and continue with sections dedicated to different types of courses: master, basic courses, pastry, ice-cream, stage.

The courses in our school of culinary arts

nuestra escuela de artes culinarias The courses in our school of culinary arts are dictated by Italian chefs in Italian, in English, and Spanish. The best training is obtained in Italian cuisine in Italy, best culinary arts schools. Working closely with highly experienced chefs and trajectory and a culinary arts school in Italy high quality, comprehensive training in the field learning exalting. A special service is aimed at chefs and culinary experts who wish to do work experience in a culinary arts school in restaurants in Italy.

Do not expect more, and stop looking for: Italian Cuisine High School is the only site able to offer a qualified service, dedicated to all those seeking a culinary arts school, or professional chefs who want to perfect their knowledge of Italian cuisine. Contact us for more information and answer any questions you have about our school.

Culinary arts school in Italy

artes culinarias In our school of culinary arts received the highest number of hours of practice and learn professional techniques of culinary arts, pastry Italian cuisine Italian bakery and cold as well as knowledge management and wines.

In our school of culinary arts get the concepts and tools that give you the independence to create and manage your own portfolio of Italian recipes, both classic and modern. Ours are not simple Italian cooking courses for amateurs, as you will find on many other websites, our culinary arts school is dedicated to real professionals who wish to complete training or perfect Italian cuisine


It is an interesting record in Spanish cuisine in use in Latin America: Bolivia in La Paz, Bogota, Medellin and Cali in Colombia, Ecuador and Santiago, Chile but also in Peru inLima, Montevideo in Uruguay and Argentina, Buenos Aires, La Plata , Córdoba, Mendoza and Bariloche different termsare used to signify the word chef or cooks. It is often said Sheff Chef Chef fact always indicates an operator in local Italian cuisine, culinary, or more generally at work in the hospitality

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