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Italian cuisine is rich in taste, healthy, diverse and expresses all Italian variety from the sea of Sicily to the mountains of Piedmont.
You can receive the authentic training in Italian cuisine only in Italy, where you can come into direct contact with Italian culture and products of the Mediterranean diet.
You can receive the best training only in schools that offer fully-equipped facilities, high level programmes and high-qualified personnel together with a real-life experience in prestigious Italian restaurants.

cucina italiana In addition to the 232 State Vocational Schools for Hospitality and Catering Services, which offer basic professional training, there is a number of prestigious private institutes (which offer a range of high-quality trainings: both general courses (short courses and master courses) and specialized courses which will provide you with information on the latest recipes and on the best of today’s Italian cuisine in all its aspects: from the kitchen to the bakeries and the art of food presentation.


The courses of "Stile Italiano" are provided by Italian chefs in Italian. Some courses are held in English.

MULTILINGUE We offer also multilingual courses for groups with translation in:

English English
French French
Spanish Spanish
German German
Swedish Swedish
Russian Russian
Chinese Chinese
Greek Greek
Arabic Arabic
Korean Korean
Slav Slav
Albanese Albanese
Japanese Japanese
Portuguese Portuguese
Norwegian Norwegian
Other languages on request.

Italian CuisineHigh Italian Cuisine… at your service

Stile-Italiano is the professional training centre for chefs and aspiring chefs who wish to receive a specialized training in Italian cuisine in Italy. "Stile Italiano" offers a wide range of courses: from one-day courses during your holiday trip around Italy, to the 6-months Master. We have a special package only for experienced chefs who wish to follow their courses with work experience in highly recognized restaurants in Italy.



master cooking course in italy

Master course in Italian cuisine, patisserie and oenology – 180 days.

basic cooking course in italy

Basic course in Italian cuisine and oenology – 90 days.

pastry course in italy

ice cream course in italy

bread & pizza course in italy

sommelier course in italy




The training finish with the opportunity to all participants to work alongside experienced chefs with their dynamic teams in high-professional restaurants, hotels and patisseries . This will provide experience in the field, which includes teamwork and kitchen organization .
All restaurants and hotels are modern, rated medium to high, fully-equipped and some of their chefs received prestigious awards and in some cases Michelin stars.
You will have the opportunity to “steal” the tricks of great chefs, both valorising the dishes and exalting the taste of meat and fish.



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