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master of italian cooking clasess in italy

Master course in Italian culinary, patisserie and oenology – 180 days.

basic  - italian cooking clasess in italy

Basic course in Italian culinary and oenology – 90 days.

italian cooking clasess in italy - Pastry course

italian cooking clasess in italy - ice cream course

italian cooking clasess in italy - Bread & pizza course

italian cooking clasess in italy - sommelier  course



Master course in Italian cuisine, patisserie and oenology

italian culinary academy

The "Stile Italiano" Master course is designed for chefs with good basic knowledge of cuisine and offers the most advanced knowledge of Italian cuisine. It includes a 2-month training in the school an a 4-month work experience in restaurants run by experienced and recognized chefs.


Italian language
Basic Italian language to know Italian cuisine terminology and to learn how to write a perfect menu

Cuisine lab
  LABORATORIO DI CUCINA Knowledge and use of typical ingredients of Italian cuisine.
Herbs, spices, flavors, oils, vinegars. Rice, fresh pasta, stuffed pasta, classical shapes of pasta, potato dumplings, cornmeal porridges. Red and white meat, game, fish. Vegetables, mushrooms, truffles.
Salamis, sausages, cheeses. Origins and variety of Italian regional cuisine.
In the kitchen lab you will prepare more than 230 recipes and create a cookbook with more than 600 dishes

  PANETTERIA Choice of flours, bread making and rising, making of bread-sticks, traditional pizzas and by the slice pizzas, focaccia breads and piadinas  

Pastry making and ice-cream
  PASTICCERIA Chocolate, dry pastries and cakes, custards and artistic creation of petit fours, salty pastry, traditional pastry, panettone and creamy puddings Ingredients and preparation of artisanal ice-cream Sorbets, cold desserts, ice-cream cakes  

  VINI Italian viniviticulture, vineyards and marks of quality and origin.
Organization of the restaurant wine cellar and wine storage
Combination between dishes and wines
Wines to serve at ceremonies and events.

  DEGUSTAZIONI Wines and “grappas”. Specific qualities, sensory evaluation.
Oils. Typology and territory, sensory evaluation.
Cheese. Local cheese, sensory evaluation. Honey. Origins, classification and evaluation.

  MANAGEMENT Kitchen and restaurant management.
Machinery and furnishing.
Organisation and administration.
Menu planning.
Service techniques.
Customer satisfaction.
Typology of restaurants and valorisation of “Made in Italy”.

Tipical products
  uided visits to fresh and aged cheese producers, producers of cold meat, pasta factories, oil producers, wine makers and cellars, farms, specialized shops.  


Course handouts - N.1 - PROFESSIONAL ETHICS

Course handouts - N.2 - BASIC PREPARATION

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