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Pastry courses


The "Stile Italiano" course of is open to food experts such as catering or food-sector qualified people, chefs and craftsmen. The course, which is managed by Master pastry chefs, even winners of prestiguous European prizes, lasts three weeks, from Monday to Friday, 8 hours per day. Completion of this course qualifies students for holding a position as pastry chef in a kitchen or running their own bakery.


The programme of the course:

1st Week

The raw materials and how to combine them to prepare basic doughs
The optimal management of the transformation process
Use of different raw materials and doughs according to different products
Technical and practical production of pasta frolla (shortcrust pastry), sfoglia (puff pastry), pan di spagna (sponge cake), batter doughs, puff doughs and meringues
The pastry tools
The “mise en place”

2nd Week

CORSO PASTICCERIA SECONDA SETTIMANA The yeasts, the leavening, leavened dough. Brewer’s yeast, compressed yeast and mixed yeast
Possible uses of yeast and in-depth technical lessons on the leavening processes
Practical exercises on the use of yeast
Production of a variety of breakfast: croissant, Danish, Turinese, plaited bread, etc
Presentation and realization of the "mother yeast": characteristics, production and receptions
Presentation and preparation of sweet and salty fried recipes: krapfen, pancakes, chiacchiere, ecc


3th Week
  CORSO PASTICCERIA TERZA SETTIMANA All the pastry's raw materials and their transformation
Productions techniques: the creams, the sauces, the stuffing, the precanditure (pre-candy making process), the syrups and bagne (different kind of sauces)
The cakes: basic techniques, the variety, the art of presentation and decoration
The mignon pastry: classic and modern
Management of the artisan bakery, equipement and marketing

This is a mainly practical course. It includes continuous exercise and food preparation both in groups and individually.

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