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The Italian cuisine is a cuisine rich, healthy and varied. Represents all the qualities of Italy from the sea of Sicily to the mountains of Piermont.

The real training in culinary arts can be obtained only in Italy on an Italian cuisine College, in direct contact with Italian culture and Italian products that give life to the Mediterranean diet.

The best training is then obtained of the Bar of Italian cuisine with adequate infrastructure, educational programs and highly qualified teaching staff. A good Italian cuisine College also needs the experience and work of famous Italian restaurants.

In addition to state vocational institutes for hotel services and restaurants for basic training, some prestigious private schools are top-level activity and can give a true preparation of excellence.


School of Italian cooking ICHS

nuestro Colegio de gastronomia italiana

If you reached this page by typing school for cooks in a search engine, in fact, have come to the right place! Italian Cuisine High School is a school for training chefs for chefs and cooking enthusiasts who want to train and specialize in Italian cuisine in Italy.

The real training in Italian cuisine is available only in Italy at a school for cooks, in direct contact with Italian culture and products that give life to the Mediterranean diet.

Where better to master the intricacies of Italian food than in an area adored by epicures and renowned for award-winning wines? Situated in the Piedmont region of northern Italy, a charming castle serves as base of the Italian Cuisine High School. This historic and luxurious manor is located in a medieval town near the bustling, picturesque city of Turin. An entire floor of the castle has been renovated to showcase the cooking school state-of-the-art, culinary equipment and kitchen classrooms. A new addition has been built on the garden grounds of the castle as an authentic reproduction of a conservatoire, an architectural feature characteristic of the historic mansions of that era. The Institute also features a wine cellar, tasting room, olive oil display room, dining room and a fresh pasta and confectionery classroom.

Italian Cuisine High School’s goal is the training of professionals so that they can assimilate the Italian taste food culture, in order to “export” them back to their Countries of origin and become aware of the value and quality of the typical Italian products, with the aim of spreading and promoting the real Italian taste. Courses take place in Italy, to favour a direct knowledge not only of the local reality, but also of wine and food traditions, history, folklore and literature.

Our school cooks can give is of a general preparation with short courses and master courses, special courses is to squeeze the most current recipes and skills of today's Italian cuisine in all its forms: from the kitchen to the bakery and pastry to the art of presentation.

If you seek a real school for cooks, you can start by visiting the page dedicated to our list of cooking schools, and continue with sections devoted to different types of courses: master courses, short courses, weekly lessons, stage.

The courses at our school cook


The Italian Cuisine High School offers a tried and tested course to learn the craft of pastry. The particular method of teaching structured primarily on the full involvement of participants in individual and group projects allow the student to learn the technical knowledge, practical manuals aesthetic refinement necessary for this profession.

It 's a complete path from knowledge of raw materials, construction techniques, with production of base mixes and confectionery products. Will also be presented all aspects of the practical organization of work: the principles of hygiene, the organization in the laboratories and warehouses. Are provided for verification of knowledge as well as a general check of all the skills acquired.

The course is open to food experts such as catering or food-sector qualified people, chefs and craftsmen. The course, which is managed by Master pastry chefs, even winners of prestiguous European prizes, lasts three weeks, from Monday to Friday, 8 hours per day. Completion of this course qualifies students for holding a position as pastry chef in a kitchen or running their own bakery.  


Tried and tested, the basic course is a course for very practical baker bakery, bakers in which students will be able to make individually different types of bread, starting from weighing of the ingredients until you get to bake the product. It is a complete path from knowledge of raw materials for the production of many varieties of breads and bakery products. A long digression on Panaria Italian tradition, its culture, its products, including classic and innovative. The importance and knowledge of the ingredients in bakery products (water, salt, yeast, malt, flour, improvers, etc. ...). them direct and indirect (chariot, poolish, autolysis). A practical (direct involvement of all participants in the cooking class for baker): practical testing of rising and baking. Techniques for production of breads and abroad. Defects of the bread and corrections. Will also be presented all aspects of the practical organization of work: the principles of hygiene, the organization in the laboratories and warehouses. Food preservation. The knowledge and care of machines and equipment of the trade of baker.


This cooking class is for those who want to learn the secrets to produce the true Italian gelato. The course of the Italian Cuisine High School combines a lot of practice with the scientific knowledge and technical expertise to understand the world of ice cream and ice cream. The course of the most acclaimed and most popular ice cream in Italy. A must choice for those who want to improve their production or begin the craft of ice cream (not ice cream!). The course in ice cream making is structured in two weeks, frequently from Monday to Friday for a total of ten days of classes. Are provided for a maximum of 14 participants. Will prevail on the first 14 registration form and confirm payment. Will be given priority enrollment to students attending the full path, you can attend each week only if seats remain. This will activate the full path to the ice cream maker according to the minimum number of enrolled in the kitchen.

The artisan ice-creaming making course is open both to people already working in the food and catering sector and to people interesting in entering a succsessful artisan career. The course lasts 2 weeks from Monday to Friday. Completion of the course qualifies the students to run an ice-cream parlour autonomously.

The courses at our school are taught by chefs cooks Italian in Italian, in English, and Spanish. The best training is obtained in Italian cuisine in Italy, good schools for cooks.

Working closely with highly experienced chefs and a school record and highly professional chefs in Italy, complete training in the field learning exalting.

A special service is for the chefs and experts on Italian food and want to do work experience at a school for chefs in restaurants in Italy.

Do not expect more, and stop looking: Italian Cuisine High School is the only site able to offer a qualified service dedicated to those seeking a school for chefs, cooks or professionals seeking to deepen their knowledge of Italian cuisine. Contact us for more information and answer any questions you have about our school.

Colegio de gastronomia italiana

School cooks in Italy

Cooks in our school received the highest number of hours of practice and learn professional techniques of Italian cooking, Italian pastries, Italian bakery and cold cuisine as well as knowledge management and wines.

In our school cooks get the concepts and tools that give you the independence to create and manage your own portfolio of Italian recipes, both classic and modern. Ours are not simple Italian cooking classes for amateurs, as you will find in many other websites: Our school of chefs is dedicated to true professionals wishing to complete training or perfect Italian cuisine.

nuestro Colegio de gastronomia italiana


different terms are used to signify the word chef or cooks. It is often said Sheff Chef Chef fact always indicates an operator in local Italian cuisine, culinary, or more generally at work in hospitality



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Colegio de gastronomia italiana

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